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Blessed Sacrament School Chocolate Bar Fundraiser

We are asking for your support and participation to help raise funds!  Blessed Sacrament Catholic School will be kicking off our CHOCOLATE fundraiser on September 26, 2019 and we need your help to raise funds to support initiatives at the school and make it a huge success!  We are very excited this year to promote a delicious selection of Worlds Finest Chocolate! The Chocolatier is peanut and nut free and is made NOW IN CANADA!

  • WHY? This fundraising campaign will support various school activities.  Your participation and support DIRECTLY helps EVERY STUDENT at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School.
  • WHEN? On September 30th, each family will be receiving a box of Peanut-free and nut free Chocolate.  Each case consists of 30 - $3.00 delicious treats for friends, co-workers and relatives.  This selection includes Milk, Mint Bites, Crisp Rice and Caramel Whirls. Mmmmm!  Please return your money once you are finished selling.

IT’S EASY…. Sell and you have more chances to WIN!!
 IMPORTANT DATES Sept. 30th – Chocolate Comes Home Oct. 15th – Fundraiser Ends


Payments for the box can be made on School-Cash-on-Line ($90)

Please caution your children to sell ONLY to people to whom they are known. Focus your efforts on family, friends and co-workers. Do not allow children to sell door-to-door without an adult. Have fun and take pride in supporting your school! Your participation is why we will be successful!

Great Prizes!!!