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Blessed Sacrament Parent Council Cook Book!

Parent Council is excited to be creating a Blessed Sacrament School Cookbook for 2019 just in time for Mother’s Day!  Each child/class will be given a theme/category for recipes.  We are also welcoming recipes you may have that are gluten free/dairy free/vegan, vegetarian etc.  This will be a great fundraiser as well as make a great gift idea for that special someone. The cookbook has been a success in the past and makes a lovely personalized keepsake as it will include your name beside your recipes.  Class Themes/category: (Each student (parent/guardian) can submit a recipe) 

Main Dishes – Mrs. Marr JK/SK 

Side Dishes/ Vegetables – Mrs. Macdonald – Kean JK/SK 

Desserts –Mrs. Chase 1/2 A  

Crockpot/ Instapot –Mrs. Savard Gr. 1/2 B 

Appetizers –Miss Purvis 3/4 

Breads, Muffins & Loaves-Miss Ceglowska  4/5 

Soups/ Salads –Mr. Virag Gr 5/6 

Kids in the Kitchen/ Kids DIY No Bake/Kid friendly meal ideas/Kid fun (ie playdough, slime) –Mr. Moulton Gr 6/7 

This/ That – (Example: International foods, Nuts and bolts, festive, marinades, cooking tips and tricks, lunch ideas!) -Mrs. Gardiner 7/8

Vegeterian/ Vegan / Gluten/ Dairy Free – OPEN TO ANYONE 

Staff, teachers and members of the Parish are welcome to submit recipes for any of the themes.    We look forward to everyone’s participation and yummy recipes! Please email recipes to: